Strategy and management

Our organization can support investors, in a feasible way in finding their strategic standpoints, in their decisions to purchase o lay the grounds for the development of a new entrepreneurial idea, above all on the Romanian territory.

All the above is possible tank to:

Business Insight – performance evaluation;

Analysis and evaluation of companies – evaluation of the purchase opportunities or transfer of companies or company branches;

Control, Planning, Results – Business management, planning, results, presentation and evaluation of results;    

Attractiveness of sectors and profiles of company competitiveness -  business identification and segmentation, sector and products life cycle  identification, survey on workflow,  analysis on opportunity/threats  and  critical factors against success, recognition of the value chain of a sector and of a company, investment opportunity evaluation on short and medium long period, indication of equalizer;

Projecting – Development of new entrepreneurial ideas, project definition, feasibility and action evaluation, deadline determination, project managing.