Marketing and communication

Our organization can start action to raise strategic-operational awareness of the entrepreneur aiming to clearly define their goals, and to integrate marketing actions  and to a systematic evaluation of value and quality of their achievements. Support can be granted using cutting-edge technological, multimedia and design solutions to create and develop the company brand and image. 

All the above can be achieved tank to: 

Evaluation of the market – target quality identification, available market potential evaluation, evaluation of current and potential market penetration;  

Evaluation of the competitiveness environment – company security identification, company penetration and market shares, critical success factors for each product and profile analysis strength/weakness, competitive intelligence;

Marketing Strategy – marketing strategy definition through swot analysis, marketing plan building;

Product definition – building of database for products, quality, and extended selection, localization, launching, dealer managing and visibility enhancing solutions; 

Distribution definition – strategic channel choice, strategic evaluation of intensive – selective- exclusive distribution policies, evaluation of costs/opportunities of the channel, evaluation of logistic cost of the channel, definition of days/provisions;  

Promotion definition – choose when and how utilize promotional strategies, promotional initiatives forecasting budget determination, direct marketing forecasting budget determination, promotional campaigns success evaluation;  

Advertising definition – means of communication choice, evaluation of the opportunity to spread or concentrate expenses in a period of time, relationship management to advertising agencies, evaluation of the audience reaction to a spot conveyance, communication choices linked to location matters and/or re location of a product;  

Price definition – Information collecting for margin evaluation to grant to trade and to determine final consumer price; 

EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION  - Advertising communication, press office and media promotion, creation and coordination of company events – themed days – conventions-  workshop, creation of translated catalogues – brochures – written and multimedia house organ, scenic introduction as planning  - logistic production and arrangement to take part at events – fair exhibitions; 


ICT – guide the enterprise to access and use of the internet as a strategic, advertising and commercial means:

Web Management that is study of feasibility of E-business projects – Business to Business, Business to Consumer, networks Intranet and Extranet, chain value and virtual value creation;

that is consideration of legal aspects: contracts, grants, consumerism, brand regulation, experimental licenses, domain name, copyright, software patents, electronic signature, misleading advertising;

that is consideration of fiscal aspects: direct and indirect taxes on e-commerce; 

Web Marketing that is market analysis on the web, E-strategy, Web–marketing, Marketing one-to-one, CRM (customer relationship management), Integration of on-line and off-line strategies, brand managing strategies;

That is on line advertisement and promotion in consideration of economic and strategies aspects and direct marketing, direct e-mailing, sponsorship, bannerisation;

That is on-line advertising campaign planning, success and  reporting;

that is relationship management to advertising agencies and web-advertising;

that is on-line and off-line distributive political analysis;

Branding on Line that is choice of efficient and representative domain names;

that is planning and production of the web site;

that is efficient localization on search engines.