Renim Promo Consul srl,  is an activity development and promotion company, who drives his particular attention towards sectors and activities on the Romanian territory:
environment – Energy, agriculture and health – well-being.  

It was founded in 2006, but has been acting in this particular market, thanks to the engagement of its shareholders since 1998, had been acquiring for 15 years know-how and knowledge in regulations, bureaucracy and fiscal system as well as learning  his language and about his culture and habits. Today it’s made up of a manager staff carrying over ten years of experience each.  

Renim Promo Consul srl develops new entrepreneurial ideas, defines their project identifying and while segmenting their business, evaluating its feasibility and procedures of action. This means, it can manage the project itself, searching for majority and for minority investments. Therefore it can manage the project, searching either for major as for minor investments.