An unique, hypermodern, high performing physiotherapy medical center has been already opened in Romania, thanks to its equipment and staff, that  completely face demands of athletes and of all patients having specific health problems. It’s a center that for its price/benefic ratio is available for many people, in fact a price policy has been applied, to gain a wide range of customers, that is different niches, from the rich one, represented by athletes and7or those having high wages to those much more numerous ones underprivileged (civil servants, retired, students, etc.)  

The center provides first of all physiotherapy services. In particular it performs outpatient and domiciliary service of post-traumatic functional reeducation, neurological reeducation, postural evaluations and reeducation, postural training, evaluation and physiotherapy consulting, manual and physical therapy by support of the newest equipment  in the physiotherapy, deep massage an tool therapy branch (laser, ultrasound, electrotherapy, magnet-therapy, diathermy), stabilometry and baropodometric test.

At the centre you can find specialized practices in physical therapy, orthopedics, sports medicine, dermatology, cardiology, endocrinology and metabolic diseases, osteoporosis (MOC exams), dietology, podiatry, ozonotherapy, vascular pathology, cosmetic therapy and wellbeing area. 

The company founded to manage the center is submitted as ltd. to Romanian law. Its registered name is S.C.NEW MULTIMEDICA Srl

Health - Wellness division is planning the establishment, also thanks to EU financing, of a Poly-Specialized Sanitary park, that is a medium-high level clinic granting poly-diagnostic and interventional medicine services.