Environment - energy


European promotional policies of renewable sources envisage to reach within  2020 about 17% of the needed energy production gained from renewable sources. For this reason it gave a strong impulse to the development of bio-fuels, biodiesel, bio-ethanol and oil. Pure Vegetable Oil is obtained by first squeezing and then filtering seeds of oleaginous plants (as rapeseeds and sunflowers). There is no chemical refining. But it’s useful to know(because it influences the market of this product) that BIODISEL is obtained from PVO submitted to a transesterification reaction, giving it chemical-physical features that are very similar to those of l oil. PVO is suitable as fuel for endothermic engines to combining electric and thermal energy production (hot / cold). Financial law in 2008 disposes an incentive for remuneration of electric Energy produced by cogeneration through means of  vegetable fuel (28 eurocent/kWe for EU traceable PVO up to 1 MW power) and government approved in 2010  the National Action Plan on Renewable Energies aiming for 2020 an installed power by biomass, biogas and PVO equal to 5.000 MW as well as an electric energy production of 21 TWh. In 2009 there were authorized in Italy about 500 MW PVO plants, therefore in Italy there exist currently hundreds of cogeneration factories in need of PVO, demanding not less than 200.000 tons/yearly…


Through the emergency decree n. 88/2011, modifying law n. 220/2008 about the promotion system of energy production from renewable sources the Romanian government considers a promotional system of 15 years  on electric energy derived from renewable sources. This decision makes Romania from 2013 on, the land having the most profitable incentive mechanism worldwide.  In fact, for instance in case of Energy produced by solar energy there is released a so called “Green Certification” for each MWh. Those Green certifications are prices reserved to clean energy producers. The dealer of electric energy and producers of great quantities have to buy those Green certifications; Each Green certification is minimum 28,00 € up to maximum 57,00 € worth. Preview on the next years investments in the sector of renewable energies in Romania state about 4-5 billion Euros …


In consideration of all the above exposure the environment – Energy division has given itself the aim to arrange a society:

1.buying/producing seeds from oleaginous plants, stores them and squeezes them in its own factories to sell the gained oil at a reasonable market-price of cogeneration plants;  

2.promoting and establishing photovoltaic plants in Romania;

3.promoting bio-mass processing factories;

it is necessary to stress, that delivery of waste biomasses (especially pig, bovine and chicken manure, slaughterhouse wastes, animal fat, fruit and vegetable wastes and vinasses) and their collection is submitted by environmental regulations, but not yet homogeneously arranged, therefore it may represent a further development aspect of the business.


S.C.BIO GREEN UTILITY Srl, consequently, does not simply care about the different phases of VOP from the agricultural production of the seeds, but it develops several personalized solutions for investors, offices single companies and private people for complete delivery of photovoltaic factories, biomass plants cogeneration factories  to produce electric thermal and freezing energy.