Agriculture and food processing

The entrepreneurial idea undergoing this division consists simply in the establishment o fan organization that is able to gain efficiently the opportunity offered by agricultural and food processing sector in Romania.

To establish all the above mentioned, there were already started:

1.a supply chain leading to pure vegetable oil production;  

and the plan is running of the establishment: 

2.of a food processing supply chain to gain for all those products derived from this productive system an European quality and typicalness recognition. 

There is work in progress to:

1.establish Agrolab, a frame work, that is able to face following demands: a) analysis and selections of farming land; b) experimentation, collection of data, farming control to enhance their productivity; c) control on product quality and definition of their chemical composition; d) analysis and control of insect infestation etc of crops and stored foodstuffs; diagnosis of viroids, viruses, phytoplasma, bacteria, and fungi of different phytopathogenic origins; evaluation and efficiency of new medicines; e) research activity aiming to genetic enhancement of plants; f) planning and control of the entire involved plant design; g) certification of used row materials and of the worked products; h) validation of the different productive processes; i) organization and coordination of the different process levels and of the productive activities of the entire supply chain;

2.reinforce agricultural exploitations: a) establishing green-houses having thermal stations and irrigation systems; b) retrofitting  of operational buildings, c) by purchasing tools, equipment, means of transport and all the necessary to carry on a modern agricultural activity; d) farming reinforcement and renewal.

3.Develop an effective production distribution and commercialization, due to the establishment of plants:  a) for calibration and packaging; b) for storage and long-life;

4.Create a suitable processing industry. Product processing becomes fundamental to optimize the entire supply chain economy.