Decide things can be done and  they will be done; the way to do them will be found in progress.
(Constance Clayton)

Renim Promo Consul knows that, in a more and more global market and in a more complex world day by day the capability to invest and the one to acquire and process information into knowledge so to spread them within the organization are the challenges in which the management has to succeed and establish in the inland as well as in the foreign market, so to succeed in his entrepreneurial idea. 


commodityRenim Promo Consul srl, after several displays of interest has developed an intense negotiation activity and has arranged a fitting organization, whose goal is to simplify the task to all their appliers to supply them with row materials they need. This same organization may be also useful to Italian companies who want to commercialize their products first of all in Romania, or in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldavia.


agroalimentareThe entrepreneurial idea of this sector consists simply in creating an organization able to take effectively chances offered by agricultural and food processing sector in Romania.

Environment and energy

fotovoltaico200Out of dealing with the different production stages of PVO, from agricultural production of seeds in the plant sector from renewable sources, develops several personalized solutions for investors, offices, single companies or private people for delivery to final customer of photovoltaic plants, biomasses plants, cogeneration factories, where to produce electric, thermal and freezing energy.

Health and Wellness

saluteOut of the establishment of a hypermodern and performing physiotherapic medical centre, unique in Romania for its qualified equipment and staff in facing needs and demands of athletes and of all those with specific disease, aimed to build up a Sanitary park of specialized poles able to furnish poly-diagnostic services and of medical intervention.